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Many were the times I wanted to be there, to see the designs with my own eyes. But the dream of visiting a fashion week abroad was only a fantasy for me. Or was it?
Two weeks ago I’ve found myself at my first fashion show in my first fashion week – Amsterdam’s fashion week. It was wonderful, it was exciting, it was amazing!

The first of the two fashion shows I’ve been to was that of the designer Roya Hesam. Hesam, who was born in Afghanistan and moved to the Netherlands at 1992, began her fashion career at 2010. I had always been interested in creative things like drawing and making object of every possible thing" She told me in an interview we’ve had. Apparently, it paid off – after graduating from her studies at January 2010, she was chosen as a candidate for a graduate’s fashion week at London, where she won an international prize. That was the drive to make my own independent collection followed by my own label. she added.

Her collection is characterized by lots of flowing fabrics, delicate colors that are ranging from black and white to light greens and a lot of fine chic, without any pretentious or failed wisecrack attempts. On first glance, the designs seem basic, but after a few steps of the models you can see an exposed back, a colorful finish or protruding pockets that change the design’s character entirely."My Inspiration for "Facing Skills" collection was the perfect woman in my mind. The woman who should wear my clothes. I imagine an independent strong woman with a tender and clean hart. I translate that to make a minimal and clean collection with a powerful look and by using soft colors and fluent materials there arises a feeling of sensitivity".– Said Roya, after I asked her about the inspiration for her collection.

Did you have any difficulties designing this collection?
"Yes I had some tough moments. Usely by finding the right fabric or the
right color, I'm very difficult with that. Sometimes you have to kill your
ideas to move futher. When you work on a collection, you are also
dependent of other people and companies and you are lucky if everyone
keeps to their work. But that is something that rarely happens"

What should we expect from your next collection?
For my new collection I would like to make a combination of the wearable
and the conceptual. I will work with ecological but also with technical
materials. And how I will do that is a surprise"

After talking to Roya, seeing her collection and did a little investigation of my own, I can say without a doubt that Roya Hisam is a big promise of the Netherland’s fashion design scene, and that we may even hear of her outside of it.